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  • I saw the black rims grow round his eyes. Cited from A King's Comrade, by Charles Whistler
  • The man with the gold-rimmed glasses replaced the paper where he had found it. Cited from Havoc, by E. Philips Oppenheim
  • Generally the southeastern end has a higher rim composed of white sand.
  • She was still exceedingly pale, and there were dark rims under her eyes. Cited from Havoc, by E. Philips Oppenheim
  • Going up to the brass-rimmed round table, she took up a book which was lying there. Cited from The End of Her Honeymoon, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • "You would see that at the first glance, if you were used to riming." Cited from There & Back, by George MacDonald
  • He looked up into her eyes, which were moist round the rims. Cited from The She Boss, by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • The sweep shot is where an outside rim player passes the ball wet into set.
  • The face of the General turned purple suddenly and the rims of his eyes were red like blood. Cited from The Black Cross, by Olive M. Briggs
  • I will go with you beyond the rim.
  • It looks like rimming the edge of flowers and leaves and usually it forms against the direction of the wind.
  • His father laid aside his book and removed, the thin gold-rimmed spectacles. Cited from The Common Law, by Robert W. Chambers
  • Handles are sometimes added and the rims may turn in instead of out.
  • Them and the thick, gold-rimmed glasses sure did give him a comic, top-heavy look. Cited from Shorty McCabe on the Job, by Sewell Ford
  • She swept her hand toward the river, and the grass-land beyond, and the mountains rimming the world. Cited from Her Prairie Knight, by B. M. Bower
  • She looked away from him towards the distant mountains rimming the horizon. Cited from The Vision of Desire, by Margaret Pedler
  • Most of the basins take their names from cities or towns located at their rims.
  • The rims above him were perhaps fifty feet high. Cited from The Rainbow Trail, by Zane Grey
  • Just under us lay a rock-rimmed lake. Cited from Fighting France, By Edith Wharton
  • Other changes included an alternative wheel rim design and new floor mat and side step designs.
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Meaning of rim

  • noun The shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object
  • noun (basketball) the hoop from which the net is suspended
    the ball hit the rim and bounced off
  • noun The outer part of a wheel to which the tire is attached
  • verb Run around the rim of
    Sugar rimmed the dessert plate
  • verb Furnish with a rim
    rim a hat
  • verb Roll around the rim of
    the ball rimmed the basket