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  • This crater has a low, broken rim that only projects a small distance above the surface.
  • Ride along the Rim that way till y'u cross a trail. Cited from To The Last Man, by Zane Grey
  • Its floor is about below the surrounding ground level and has a rim that rises above, the highest point on the east side.
  • There is also a narrow gap in the northeast rim that provides a valley leading into the interior.
  • It has a low rim that is broken along the southeast by a smaller crater.
  • The result is an outer rim that appears flattened along the northern and southern faces.
  • Some cartridges have a rim that is significantly smaller than case body diameter.
  • This crater has a well-defined rim that has not suffered much wear from impact erosion.
  • She spent the hours under the shade of a cedar on the rim that protected her from sun and wind. Cited from Wildfire, by Zane Grey
  • Who can stand for the first time upon the mountain rim that incloses this valley, and not have his thoughts carried back to some such scene as this? Cited from Mexico and its Religion, by Robert A. Wilson
  • He's in a daze about that new rim that won't show on the glasses. Cited from Gigolo, by Edna Ferber
  • This is an old crater formation with a rim that has been heavily worn due to subsequent impacts.
  • This crater is roughly circular in form, with a rim that is better defined along the eastern side.
  • This crater has a raised, circular rim that has become worn.
  • This is a worn crater formation that has a circular outer rim that remains relatively well-defined.
  • There is also an outer rampart beyond the rim that is more extensive to the southwest.
  • The crater has an oval-shaped outer rim that is longer along an east-west axis.
  • Pickering is a bowl-shaped formation with a circular rim that has received little wear.
  • The highest elevations are found along a rim that closely follows the coastline.
  • This crater has a heavily eroded outer rim that now forms an irregular rise about the relatively level interior floor.
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