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  • The route is approximately in length and the ride takes less than two hours.
  • It is typically a two-day event with a short ride the first day.
  • It was generally said that both boys and girls learned to ride horses early.
  • There is also a park and ride car park on the site.
  • The two never became close until they rode for different teams.
  • They also keep all their non-water rides open during this time.
  • Some even let them ride behind them on their horses.
  • She later accompanied him when he paid a visit to the ride's owner.
  • A good horse is difficult to ride, but it can carry weight and travel far.
  • A soldier put her on his horse, and they rode six miles to a hospital.
  • He rides into the capital on a victory march, taking over the land.
  • He immediately cut the tour short and rode off towards the direction of the artillery fire.
  • He learned to ride a horse before he could walk.
  • He rode the world championship and took the bronze medal in the time trial.
  • There are also three park and ride sites serving the city, supported by the local council.
  • During the final three years of his life he was bed-ridden.
  • This had some impact on him, as he rode the horse often.
  • That year he rode much of the race with a black eye after a crash.
  • We rode the good times together, and we stuck together through the hard times.
  • A number of other people rode part of the route.
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Meaning of ride

  • noun A mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement
  • verb Sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions
    She never sat a horse!, Did you ever ride a camel?, The girl liked to drive the young mare
  • verb Be carried or travel on or in a vehicle
    I ride to work in a bus, He rides the subway downtown every day
  • verb Continue undisturbed and without interference
    Let it ride
  • verb Move like a floating object
    The moon rode high in the night sky
  • verb Be sustained or supported or borne
    His glasses rode high on his nose, The child rode on his mother's hips, She rode a wave of popularity, The brothers rode to an easy victory on their father's political name
  • verb Lie moored or anchored
    Ship rides at anchor
  • verb Sit on and control a vehicle
    He rides his bicycle to work every day, She loves to ride her new motorcycle through town
  • verb Climb up on the body
    Shorts that ride up, This skirt keeps riding up my legs
  • verb Ride over, along, or through
    Ride the freeways of California
  • verb Keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot
    Don't ride the clutch!
  • verb Copulate with
    The bull was riding the cow