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  • As in the previous game, players can directly control animals instead of just riding them.
  • Fighting from the back of a horse was much more difficult than mere riding.
  • However, he later changed his mind and said the idea should be got rid of.
  • All my crew wanted to get rid of her after one day of shooting.
  • This is when horse-riding and iron tools were first introduced to the islands.
  • There are many types, each useful for specific types of riding and training.
  • They are used for a variety of reasons such as for getting around the village and just riding around.
  • He said his riding was never the same after the injuries.
  • Do you understand that it is your enemy that they are ridding you of? Cited from Thrall Of Leif The Lucky, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
  • With so much standing water, it was impossible to get rid of the disease.
  • The term pleasure riding is used in sometimes instead of trail riding.
  • After twenty years has the idea of ridding yourself of me occurred to you again? Cited from Baron Trigault's Vengeance, by Emile Gaboriau
  • I must find a way of ridding myself of one or both. Cited from The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • Specific features, such as riding trails, may be included to support specific activities.
  • He was taking horse riding, and trained five to six days a week for competition in combined training events.
  • The free-riding problem is even more complicated than it was thought to be until recently.
  • He was known for riding the subway to work every day as governor.
  • There is a wide range of interesting places to visit in the East Riding.
  • Horse riding takes place in a couple of exclusive clubs in the city.
  • During his riding career he recovered from a series of serious injuries.
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Synonyms of rid

Meaning of rid

  • verb Relieve from
    Rid the house of pests