Richard Coeur

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  • Richard Coeur de Lion, as his name tells you, was a brave and noble man. Cited from Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12), by Various
  • Very many years ago there ruled over England a king, who was called Richard Coeur de Lion. Cited from Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12), by Various
  • Richard Coeur-de-Lion encamped here some twenty-five years after Benjamin's visit. Cited from The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela, by Benjamin of Tudela
  • Richard Coeur de Lion, John's brother, had no known legitimate issue.
  • That of Richard-Coeur-de-Lion, to the right of the high altar? Cited from Rouen, It's History and Monuments, by Theodore Licquet
  • This king had tried to snatch the kingdom from his brother, Richard Coeur de Lion, and had failed. Cited from A Boy's Ride, by Gulielma Zollinger
  • Kendal was an ancient place, having been made a market town by licence from Richard Coeur de Lion. Cited from From John O'Groats to Land's End, by Robert Naylor and John Naylor
  • So help me the memory of Richard Coeur-de-Lion, I have not the most distant notion of what is the matter. Cited from Crotchet Castle, by Thomas Love Peacock
  • Not even Richard Coeur- de-Lion, and his best prowess and help, could avert such issue from it. Cited from Carlyle's "History of Friedrich II of Prussia V 2
  • Richard Coeur de Leon recognized the song and knew that Blondel waited outside the fortress to save him. Cited from Madge Morton's Secret, by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  • During the absence of Richard Coeur de Lion, his English subjects not only cut their hair close, but shaved their faces. Cited from Memoirs of Popular Delusions V1, by Charles MacKay
  • This allusion is fully explained in the old romance of Richard Coeur de Lion. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 2, by Various
  • Richard Coeur de Lion is slain while contesting with one of his French vassals. Cited from The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume VI., by Various
  • It was in asserting this right that the famous Richard Coeur de Lion, King of England, met his death. Cited from Manners, Custom and Dress During the Middle Ages, by Paul Lacroix
  • Richard Coeur-de-Lion died in 1199, very soon after the death of his half-sister Mary of Champagne. Cited from Mont-Saint-Michel And Chartres, Henry Adams
  • Richard Coeur-de-Lion is said to have here done penance and obtained absolution for his conduct towards his father, Henry II. Cited from Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. I. (of V.), by Margaret, Queen Of Navarre
  • The inadequacy of our insular method in popular history is perfectly shown in the treatment of Richard Coeur de Lion. Cited from A Short History of England, by G. K. Chesterton
  • The biography relates an incident in his life which is said to have taken place at the court of Richard Coeur de Lion. Cited from The Troubadours, by H.J. Chaytor
  • Among others, Richard Coeur de Lion, who, as a poet and knight, united in his own person all the brilliant qualities of the time. Cited from Handbook of Universal Literature,A. C. Lynch Botta
  • He was the physician to Saladin, whose relations with Richard Coeur de Lion have made him known to English-speaking people. Cited from Old-Time Makers of Medicine, by James J. Walsh
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