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  • The music includes reworked tracks from the original game as well as new material.
  • Quickly, the songs were written and reworked over the course of about two weeks.
  • Some projects had the current line-up performing new material and others reworked older material.
  • The lost tracks had to be reworked and was finally released nine months later.
  • Before the third volume could be completed, the band decided to rework the project.
  • The album featured new songs with reworked versions of old song ideas from over the years.
  • However, it actually features ten new tracks and the older tracks have been slightly reworked.
  • For season two the show was reworked along the lines of a more traditional children's program.
  • All three of these songs have been reworked for the album.
  • This meant the band had to rework many of the songs to perform them live.
  • They reworked several songs they had each previously written and made a demo.
  • However, the song was reworked to allow those two characters to sing it.
  • It would also later be reworked and "finished" for the band's second album.
  • During this year, he recorded some demo tracks that would later be reworked.
  • However, when models change, existing teams must rework their agents to control the new bodies.
  • It primarily features brand-new material, along with a few reworked tracks from previous recordings.
  • The live shows during this era included reworked arrangements of many of the band's previous songs.
  • Many songs were radically reworked for live performance, a practice the group would continue throughout their career.
  • This means that if you discover any security related problems, you have to rework and re-write your code.
  • Wind, wave and current action continue to rework and shape the island.
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  • verb Use again in altered form
    retread an old plot