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  • All members of parliament who had taken part in the revolt were removed from office.
  • The revolting corner of her mind seemed now to have laid down arms. Cited from V. V.'s Eyes, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • He raised the standard of scientific work, leading to two serious student revolts.
  • But the first stage of our revolting journey was a very short one. Cited from Mr. Justice Raffles, by E. W. Hornung
  • This turned out to be a new and very revolting school for me. Cited from Ned Myers, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • They looked upon the revolting scene as a real and living fact. Cited from Castilian Days, by John Hay
  • At the head of this army stood a somewhat larger figure of the most revolting appearance. Cited from Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia, by L. Muhlbach
  • They announced that the city had revolted from them, not they from the city.
  • He was killed during the revolts and fighting that ended his father's reign.
  • "Oh how can you say that, my dear man, of anything so revolting?" Cited from The Awkward Age, by Henry James
  • He organized his army, and took the field in person against the revolting tribes. Cited from History of the Negro Race, Vol 1, by George W. Williams
  • If he were an out-and-out native he wouldn't be quite so revolting. Cited from The Swindler and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Now to the strange part of my story, revolting enough to our republican ears. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 26, December, 1880, by Various
  • His rule was difficult, since armed revolts all around the country challenged his authority.
  • It's too revolting of me not to go to see her. Cited from The Awkward Age, by Henry James
  • This shows that the document comes from the period between these two revolts.
  • She heard him talked about in a fashion that she found revolting. Cited from The Brentons, by Anna Chapin Ray
  • Paris itself revolted shortly after the army left the city.
  • As the black population revolts against his rule, he finds himself alone and deserted.
  • I would not describe them if I could; they were too low, too revolting. Cited from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs (AKA Linda Brent)
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Meaning of revolt

  • verb Make revolution
    The people revolted when bread prices tripled again