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  • Since then the government has made efforts to revitalize this part of the city.
  • Local residents fought to keep it open, and the area has since been revitalized.
  • There is, however, a modern movement to revitalize the area into its once middle class status.
  • This helped to revitalize the school as those around the school could get a Christian education.
  • The film was successful and helped to revitalize public interest in classical dance.
  • The band took their name from the desire to reform or revitalize the southern rock sound.
  • Although the city has been considered to be dying, the city is being revitalized.
  • Over time, we kill ourselves by never giving the body enough time to rest and revitalize itself.
  • EMI offered him a free hand and full control if he decided to revitalize his career.
  • Under her command however, the organization was revitalized and its future secured.
  • Not until these forces had further developed over subsequent decades was the national movement able to be revitalized.
  • At the time, there were no plans in place for revitalizing the buildings.
  • In the past few years, there has been an attempt to revitalize the downtown area.
  • The language is at a current growing state, and might become a fully revitalized language in the near future.
  • Since then there have been several attempts to revitalize the college.
  • The people were looking for a way to revitalize their village.
  • They also wanted to revitalize the centre and give it a "New look."
  • Recent interest in revitalizing the downtown area has brought new life to the old mills.
  • Economic and political changes since the 1980s have helped to revitalize the islands economy and development.
  • Recently numerous construction projects have revitalized or replaced aged buildings and facilities.
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Meaning of revitalize

  • verb Give new life or vigor to