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  • So they must revert to their earlier ways and play however they see fit.
  • The story then reverts to the present, some thirty years after these events.
  • Though he always felt like a male and eventually reverted back to his original sex.
  • He tells him to revert to human form than change back again.
  • They simply need to revert this in order to play the original game again.
  • Afterwards his body reverts back to normal before he could tell her.
  • He started the season playing on the right wing, reverting to right-back.
  • If she were to leave the valley, she would revert to her actual age.
  • She can hold a form for about an hour before she needs to revert to her original form.
  • They reverted to their previous names and roles after the end of the war.
  • Days later, they were forced to revert to the previous title as a result.
  • Many of the returning men felt that the band should revert to its all male status.
  • He destroyed the rose bush so the house would revert to her estate.
  • She wanted to trust her husband, but it looked like he was reverting to his old ways.
  • Most government buildings and streets that were named after him during his long rule, reverted to their original names.
  • The land has now reverted to agriculture, the school playing field and the village sports ground.
  • Then the system reverts to just the power available from the engine.
  • Even the most high-performing teams will revert to earlier stages in certain circumstances.
  • After the war he continued as an officer, initially reverting to the rank of major.
  • After the marriage ended in divorce, she reverted to her original married name.
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Meaning of revert

  • verb Go back to a previous state
    We reverted to the old rules
  • verb Undergo reversion, as in a mutation