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  • He examined their condition and saw the possibility of binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion.
  • Such a body is said to change reversibly.
  • Energy can pass such walls as only as adiabatic work, reversibly or irreversibly.
  • It remains reversibly attached to it for a short "recognition" period.
  • The male also has one reversibly extensible hair-pencil on each side of his abdomen.
  • One unique feature of these clusters was stable particles could be recovered reversibly when high pH conditions were restored.
  • Between these spheres a certain amount of charge is reversibly exchanged.
  • At present only cells, tissues, and some small organs can be reversibly cryopreserved.
  • Viologens are used for electrochromic systems because of their ability to change color reversibly many times upon reduction and oxidation.
  • In thermodynamics, processes can be carried out in one of two ways: reversibly or irreversibly.
  • He subsequently discovered that his complex reversibly bound O 2, which was then a startling achievement.
  • Any of these compounds serve the same role, reversibly forming a mixture of metal hydride compounds.
  • Recently discovered mechanisms of the NET, including the ability to act reversibly and as an ion channel, provide other areas of research.
  • The term 'chromic' is defined as materials that can change colour reversibly with the presence of a factor.
  • Electrochromism is the phenomenon displayed by some materials of reversibly changing color when a burst of charge is applied.
  • Upon use, it binds reversibly and its action is short-acting only, and it causes a reflex tachycardia.
  • A molecular switch is a molecule that can be reversibly shifted between two or more stable states.
  • He saw the possibility of binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion if he could figure out how to duplicate the hooks and loops.
  • Some polymers are reversibly cross-linked by noncovalent bonds that can break and reform depending on external conditions.
  • Therefore, work-consuming devices such as pumps and compressors (work is negative) require less work when they operate reversibly.
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Meaning of reversibly

  • adverb In a reversible manner
    reversibly convertible