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  • The old high school building is now being reused as the middle school.
  • Suddenly you have the ability to reuse the best of what went before.
  • Some services reuse the same talk and song list from a service earlier in the day.
  • No effort was ever made to find a way to reuse paper and the idea died instead.
  • The data will remain there until the operating system reuses the space for new data.
  • The city tried to sell the building over the next five years and considered other reuses.
  • Stone from the castle was reused to build houses in the local town.
  • Where possible, the old parts were reused but new parts were also used based on the original model.
  • The close-up head shots of some individual players were reused each year.
  • After a product or material has been used once, every effort should be made to reuse it.
  • The titles of almost all the songs have been reused as movie names in later years.
  • They are sometimes reused on different vehicles in different episodes of the same television series.
  • Many of these names were later reused to name other new Virginia counties.
  • The house has been restored in its original shape, reusing most of the materials.
  • Often, sound effects used in films will be saved and reused in subsequent films.
  • Over the centuries, the stone of more than half of the total length was reused in other local buildings.
  • We allow its reuse under any medium including commercial use.
  • In that set a real street was constructed from stone, and has been reused for other films and television series.
  • They found that whole data sets had been reused in a number of different experiments.
  • The original building and part of the structure could be reused.
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