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  • Retrospectively, these patients will often report some difficulty in their medical or educational history.
  • Several episodes from the first season have retrospectively considered some of the show's best.
  • Later though, the album would be retrospectively well received by fans and critics.
  • As with the previous two series, the episode titles below have been applied retrospectively.
  • He had his vote against the Bill recorded retrospectively by leave of the House.
  • Indeed, one could always explain a historical event retrospectively by its conditions of possibility.
  • The term is sometimes applied retrospectively when several members from a group later achieve notable success in their own right.
  • The old man ceased speaking and looked retrospectively into the fire. Cited from Grace Harlowe's Third Year at Overton College, by Jessie Graham Flower
  • This scheme was introduced during the war and not always retrospectively applied to earlier designs.
  • The film shows retrospectively the facts that caused them to go behind bars.
  • Using this data, the following records can be retrospectively produced.
  • It has often been retrospectively described as a concept album.
  • It has been retrospectively considered a classic episode of the series.
  • Matches may also be given test status retrospectively by their governing bodies.
  • He retrospectively wondered if "perhaps" he did not put enough thought into the chapter names.
  • This latter work has been retrospectively recognized to be the first scientific or medical book about child sexual abuse.
  • Bodies such as the memory council use the term retrospectively.
  • Used as a term to retrospectively apply to an earlier generation of technology.
  • Speaking retrospectively about the recording process, Welsh said that the album took a long time to record.
  • The patient can perform the assessment retrospectively or it can be done using medical history.
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Meaning of retrospectively

  • adverb In a manner contemplative of past events
    retrospectively, he seems like a great artist