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  • The parliament had to change the law retroactively, and did so within a month.
  • This term has later been extended by others to retroactively include other incidents.
  • This law, however, would not retroactively put an end to the progress of current cases.
  • The term has also been applied retroactively to dominant states of the past.
  • The title is applied retroactively to vessels launched before this use of the title became popular.
  • All three teams were named national champions retroactively by various organizations.
  • These changes were later retroactively applied to the whole fleet.
  • All dates in the previous Award years were also changed retroactively.
  • The term has retroactively been used to described older "I Want" songs.
  • Although recorded earlier than most of the album, it can retroactively be considered the lead single from Ring Ring.
  • This name has been applied retroactively to the Championship since its inception.
  • Even if one spouse was already dead, the marriage could be retroactively recognised.
  • Many countries have extended the length of their copyright terms (sometimes retroactively).
  • Although the character first appeared in 1986, he was retroactively said to have been present during previously published stories.
  • The case is also notable for the fact that it involved a retroactively imposed tax.
  • In the last case, the child gets Dutch nationality retroactively, since his/her birth.
  • The Navy also uses the prefix retroactively for ships that would have been commissioned under current practice.
  • However, it is possible to come to an agreement and pay the fee retroactively.
  • Now suppose we retroactively insert zero to the beginning of the operation list.
  • He tried to retroactively enforce nonconforming land uses, despite a lack of public or legal support.
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Meaning of retroactively

  • adverb After the fact
    he will get paid retroactively