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  • The level over the past eight years can be retrieved from that site.
  • During those six months, these documents can only be retrieved by court order.
  • Both had been retrieved from where they were found and brought to Museum.
  • Families are not able retrieve their own blood after it has been donated.
  • German infantry soldiers retrieved his body from no man's land the night he was killed.
  • He tells her that her father was his only friend, and that he will help her retrieve her family business.
  • Three days later, Till's body was discovered and retrieved from the river.
  • After several months, the people returned to the place and retrieved all that were left by the fire.
  • They remained there until they were retrieved by the county clerk two years after the war.
  • Foreign objects can be retrieved from the audience and used outside the ring.
  • First, however, she needs to retrieve some of this evidence from her apartment.
  • Following these "games" the animal is eventually retrieved and a festival will begin.
  • A mind not entirely lost can be retrieved if its colours are known by others.
  • This means that the key is retrieved via its position order.
  • The important part of working memory is secondary memory, in which an individual retrieves information.
  • When he is done the man retrieves his cassette and takes up his opening position.
  • He decided against replacing it as he could lose the one he had just retrieved.
  • The video camera was retrieved after a search party to look for her.
  • This was also his only chance of retrieving his own past error. Cited from Shakespeare Study Programs; The Comedies, by Porter and Clarke
  • Sometimes certain objects have to be found and/or retrieved on the way.
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Meaning of retrieve

  • verb Go for and bring back
    retrieve the car from the parking garage
  • verb Run after, pick up, and bring to the master
    train the dog to retrieve