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  • As a retired military commander, he ran the country on military lines.
  • No player had ever retired after a final season in which they hit so many home runs.
  • Many of these are going to school or are retired.
  • His mind was made up and he knew he was going to retire.
  • Usually trains are formed from historic vehicles retired from national commercial operation.
  • A visual collection of retired numbers was soon added to this location.
  • She retired from the match because of a back injury sustained before the match started.
  • This game was taken by retired officers back to England where it developed and rules were set out.
  • Elected members serve regularly eight years, one-half retiring every four years. Cited from The Governments of Europe, by Frederic Austin Ogg
  • This system was retired for the next year.
  • Rather than risk losing an engine, his team called him in to retire.
  • In the race he rose to third place before an engine failure forced him to retire.
  • By December, he had made up his mind to retire from the army.
  • Huge literary success has never made him even think of retiring from work in the government.
  • Members sit for six-year terms, with one third of the members retiring every two years.
  • It is widely found that individuals in poor health generally retire earlier than those in better health.
  • However, during a pre-season game he injured his back which forced him to retire.
  • Though he did not retire, the future of his baseball career was in doubt.
  • However he decided to retire again, this time for five years.
  • Hanson retired from public office after his one-year term as president of Congress.
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Meaning of retire

  • verb Go into retirement; stop performing one's work or withdraw from one's position
    He retired at age 68
  • verb Withdraw from active participation
    He retired from chess
  • verb Withdraw from circulation or from the market, as of bills, shares, and bonds
  • verb Make (someone) retire
    The director was retired after the scandal
  • verb Dispose of (something no longer useful or needed)
    She finally retired that old coat
  • verb Lose interest
    he retired from life when his wife died
  • verb Cause to get out
    The pitcher retired three batters, the runner was put out at third base