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  • None of the above need to be made of fire retardant material.
  • Cast Earth uses another retardant for an even greater working time.
  • Fixed-wing aircraft must make a pass and drop water or retardant like a bomber.
  • Inside, new fire-retardant materials in virtually every visible part of the interior meant added safety.
  • However due to its toxic nature it has not been used widely as a flame retardant.
  • The two surviving aircraft were fully modified for the role after delivery and could carry of fire retardant.
  • These rooms are equipped by fire-retardant doors, which can withstand fire for one hour.
  • In other cases, Vinca has been recommended as a fire retardant ground cover.
  • Everything in the scene was flame retardant, and a special burn unit crew was present.
  • People drown in water every day, and water is used as a flame retardant.
  • It is possible to coat an object with a fire retardant.
  • Most clothing intended for children in the United States is required to pass fire-retardant tests for safety reasons.
  • With the era of jet flight and improved focus on safety, however, fully fire-retardant materials were required.
  • The use of fire retardant allows many indoor public areas to place real trees -and be compliant with code.
  • It has also been classified as somewhat fire retardant.
  • Stunt men covered in fire-retardant gel were used in scenes when characters are set on fire.
  • The cable cost is often significantly higher than general-use cable due to the special restricted-use flame retardant materials.
  • Often this quick setting is too fast and a retardant must be added to the mix so it can be poured.
  • However, when needed, retardant can also be dropped directly onto flames to cool the fire and reduce flame length.
  • The water or retardant is carried in three center-line belly tanks.
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  • noun Any agent that retards or delays or hinders