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  • We burden ourselves each hour with too many questions which retard our progress. Cited from Dawn, Mrs. Harriet A. Adams
  • I will by no means retard my conquest which I have so much desired. Cited from A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times, V.2 of 6, by Guizot
  • The river here is about half a mile broad, and makes several turns which somewhat retarded our progress. Cited from A Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola and Sennaar, by G.B. English
  • Our French milliner there has helped in retarding her quite against her will. Cited from The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith, v1
  • The expansion of the whole industry would have been retarded without this method of transportation. Cited from Random Reminiscences of Men and Events, by John D. Rockefeller
  • No less useless and retarding has been the effort to give religion the function of science. Cited from The Life of Reason, by George Santayana
  • The price and the terms are agreed; some little under works retard the conclusion. Cited from Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Volume 2, Matthew L. Davis
  • But it can be greatly retarded if the right agencies are set at work. Cited from New Ideals in Rural Schools, by George Herbert Betts
  • He places an ad in the local newspaper to get help running the farm and taking care of his retarded brother.
  • Although about four grades advanced beyond his chronological age he is still one grade retarded! Cited from The Measurement of Intelligence, by Lewis Madison Terman
  • Such a report of the situation of things, you may suppose, was not likely to retard my journey. Cited from Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents, Beckford
  • For some reason, or for some combination of reasons, they are retarded from one to three years. Cited from On the Firing Line in Education, by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  • These last differ from those of the body, whose development some may assist and others retard. Cited from The Buried Temple, by Maurice Maeterlinck
  • It would take up my whole soul, and retard my recovery. Cited from Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons, by Arabella W. Stuart
  • All-capital print greatly retards speed of reading in comparison with lower-case type.
  • There is scarcely another example in all musical history of so long retarded a flowering. Cited from Musical Portraits, by Paul Rosenfeld
  • And when their time is come, they shall not retard it an hour; and they shall not advance it. Cited from The Koran, Translated by J.M. Rodwell
  • Every people hath its time: when their time is come, they shall neither retard nor advance it an hour. Cited from The Koran, Translated by J.M. Rodwell
  • But least of all among the causes which retarded his advance can be placed the armed forces of England. Cited from The History of England, by T.F. Tout
  • Can we hope for anything more than thus to retard the leakage? Cited from The Faith of the Millions (2nd series), by George Tyrrell
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Meaning of retard

  • verb Cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate
    This drug will retard your heart rate
  • verb Be delayed