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  • Israel carried out numerous retaliatory attacks by air and on the ground.
  • Thus, financial retaliatory measures have been taken on many occasions against several Chinese space companies.
  • The smaller retaliatory strike is then more easily destroyed by the defence system than a full attack would be.
  • He was killed in the retaliatory fire by the security forces.
  • The next year, the unit was very active in retaliatory operations and other dangerous missions behind enemy lines.
  • Although he could have taken cover with the rest of the element, he chose a retaliatory course of action.
  • We can now consider it fortunate that no such retaliatory measures were taken by the government. Cited from Cambridge Sketches, by Frank Preston Stearns
  • They were to be as a retaliatory measure if the Japanese first used chemical weapons.
  • Some view his actions as a retaliatory act since his children were not among the aforementioned individuals admitted.
  • But next came the retaliatory conquest, by means of arts and letters. Cited from Theological Essays and Other Papers v2
  • Although he was released, his bodyguard was shot, leading to retaliatory fighting.
  • Only the president of the United States can authorize the first retaliatory use.
  • Prosecution might well feel relieved if no retaliatory action were later taken against them for false imprisonment. Cited from Heart's Desire, by Emerson Hough
  • After several retaliatory and counter attacks from both sides, the attempt failed and no tactical advantage was gained.
  • The Battalion came in for some very heavy retaliatory shell fire. Cited from The Story of the "9th King's" in France, by Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
  • We must not surrender to the cycle of retaliatory violence these angry people would push us into.
  • The use of defensive or retaliatory force, on the other hand, is appropriate.
  • There was retaliatory shooting at crowds from the military several times during the day, and between eight and twenty people were killed.
  • Over the next four days, thousands of Sikhs were killed in retaliatory violence.
  • In the end, Johnson decided not to take retaliatory action.
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