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  • He later resurfaced at the same site and once again sought his sister out.
  • A similar accident some years before had resulted in the entire road being resurfaced.
  • He put the time of resurfacing at a couple of weeks or months.
  • This test resurfaces from time to time in his poetry, even in its most recent works.
  • This suggests that a major resurfacing event occurred some time during its formation.
  • Since the total resurfacing, driving on the road has been much more pleasant.
  • She did, however, resurface on a few occasions during the remaining years of her life.
  • But after the war, support for the new school began to resurface.
  • After two years with no news from her husband, he suddenly resurfaced, working for the Japanese.
  • Five years later the league resurfaced for one more season.
  • The attempt to resurface had to wait several hours until it was dark.
  • He left the team and resurfaced several times, but eventually took the rest of the season off for personal reasons.
  • Peter never resurfaced and probably died in prison or was killed.
  • It is generally thought her health problems from her youth resurfaced causing her to become withdrawn.
  • Nevertheless, the bond between them resurfaces as they work on the case together.
  • Things go according to plan until her husband resurfaces.
  • The track is not being resurfaced and will be torn up in the next few years.
  • However, the name resurfaced in the late 1990s for very different reasons.
  • It was for many years considered a lost film, before two prints resurfaced.
  • A special machine was created to resurface the ice for all three competitions.
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Meaning of resurface

  • verb Reappear on the surface
  • verb Cover with a new surface
  • verb Appear again
    The missing man suddenly resurfaced in New York