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  • It was during this time that he resumed his music career and formed a band.
  • She was told that it will take five weeks before she can resume training.
  • Six weeks later, he was given the all-clear to resume his playing career.
  • After two years in prison, he was released and resumed his position as head of his company.
  • Many people simply left in the fall to resume their college studies.
  • Hands-on experience can be written on a resume and taken directly into a field.
  • Therefore there is no mid-play resumes if both players die in a mission.
  • It was suggested to her that she go to university to resume her education.
  • The play then resumes when the crew are just getting out of bed.
  • The face-off is also used to resume play after goals, and to start each period.
  • Once the now first and second players each have a ball, play resumes.
  • As soon as she is gone, the soldiers spring into action resuming their search.
  • The highway then resumes a due north course, passing about east of the lake.
  • He returned to England, and quickly resumed his place in British society.
  • After the war, he worked for the government before resuming his career in philosophy.
  • He resigned six days before the end of his term to resume the practice of law.
  • She resumed west coast operations for about two months.
  • He now demanded to resume the war which he himself had declared lost only one month earlier.
  • At any time, the player may stop a recording and resume flight from that point.
  • This was his own decision, as he subsequently announced that he was resuming his writing career.
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Words starting with resume

Meaning of resume

  • verb Take up or begin anew
    We resumed the negotiations
  • verb Return to a previous location or condition
    The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it
  • verb Assume anew
    resume a title, resume an office, resume one's duties