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  • He has since had his contract restructured to take him below designated player status.
  • Those that remained were restructured and became part of the new company focus for future growth.
  • The school has launched a three-year program to restructure the teaching learning environment.
  • At this time it was also restructured into its present form.
  • It is necessary to restructure it from the current term-based system to a concept-based system.
  • His goal was to restructure the company and get on the path to growth.
  • She began to restructure the institution to increase its production and reach.
  • Physical changes to the world occur extremely rapidly, allowing players to restructure islands within minutes.
  • According to the filing, they would like to keep doing business while they restructure.
  • The Senate has been restructured twice since the original constitutional structures went into effect.
  • Once a table has been created with a specific size, it may be subsequently restructured to a different page size.
  • He also restructured much of the administrative, judicial and military life in his kingdom.
  • He has been appointed to represent large classes of financial interests in difficult capital and finance-related restructures.
  • There is no need for physical pre-design and no need to ever restructure the database.
  • This was the last season of the competition before the league system in Northern Ireland was restructured.
  • He argued that Toronto needed to restructure itself before getting new powers from the province.
  • The theatre reached a turning point when company members wanted to restructure it as a collective.
  • It has been noted that there are plans to restructure the website.
  • These buildings, restructured, are used as schools, offices or private houses.
  • Education was restructured into three progressive stages which were known as primary education, secondary education and further education.
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Meaning of restructure

  • verb Construct or form anew or provide with a new structure
    After his accident, he had to restructure his life, The governing board was reconstituted