restraint system

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  • Hill had trouble maintaining a non-restraint system, without a better staff.
  • Over time, the trains have been redesigned several times with changes to the restraint system.
  • The restraint system will be designed to cater for all of these influences.
  • The intricate restraint system is capable of offering the greatest possible protection potential.
  • The monkey restraint system was modified to allow more arm movement.
  • The house was on the non-restraint system. Cited from Hard Cash, Charles Reade
  • While we do not normally think of the primary occupant restraint system, it is gravity.
  • Some sanctioning bodies are also requiring a head and neck restraint system.
  • The most common of these restraint systems is the HANS device.
  • If the restraint system suffered a mechanical or electrical failure only the lap belt would provide the occupant protection.
  • An example of a component that passes all the tests is a car's occupant restraint system.
  • There is no seat belt or restraint system on the ride, only a cage to hold on to while the ride is in motion.
  • In the mid-1990s, Henderson authored a large study of child restraint system performance in actual car crashes.
  • Both front seats featured active head restraint systems, and the existing seat-heating feature was supplemented by six levels of cooling ventilation.
  • Dare Devil Dive's car's are the first to use a new lap-bar only restraint system.
  • Comprehensive restraint system for the best possible occupant protection.
  • CART mandated a head-and-neck restraint system on ovals shortly afterwards, with the rule eventually being mandatory on all tracks.
  • So the NHTSA proposed using passive restraint systems - devices which would protect drivers even if drivers took no action other than that necessary to drive the car.
  • An automated restraint system secures the rider in their seat, pressing against his/her lower back, allowing the upper body to move fairly freely.
  • In even more extreme cases, inmates may be placed in "therapeutic restraints" which is a four or five point restraint system.
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