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  • It was not clear at the time what the effect would be on future prior restraint cases.
  • Arm restraints also become necessary when a patient must lie on his/her back at all times.
  • It says his restraints are to be cut that evening and he must do his best to escape.
  • The group admitted that the video was not their best, due to time restraints.
  • They thought that individuals should be free to pursue their self-interest without control or restraint by society.
  • Due to time restraints, several guests who had recorded parts were cut from the film.
  • The front seats also had head restraints, a safety feature now required in all cars.
  • In cases where they had to, they were ruled by reason and showed great restraint.
  • Added to this restraint the work of the Parliament needed to continue through the entire construction period.
  • It has been announced by various sources that the ride will receive new restraints in the future.
  • However, these plans have been put on hold due to budget restraints.
  • Metics held lower social status primarily due to cultural rather than economic restraints.
  • The independent film took more than a decade to produce due to budget restraints.
  • Why don't you break away from the old restraints? Cited from The Holy Cross and Other Tales, by Eugene Field
  • The poor were in fact responsible for their own problems which could have been avoided through self-restraint.
  • Due to considerable space restraints, only a small portion of the total collection can be displayed.
  • Although medical restraints, used properly, can help prevent injury, they can also be dangerous.
  • The seats are black and each have a brown over-the-shoulder restraint.
  • However, due to resource restraints, less than half that number received training.
  • He lived a very simple life of self-restraint.
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Meaning of restraint

  • noun The act of controlling by restraining someone or something
    the unlawful restraint of trade
  • noun Discipline in personal and social activities
    he was a model of polite restraint, she never lost control of herself
  • noun A rule or condition that limits freedom
    legal restraints, restraints imposed on imports
  • noun A device that retards something's motion
    the car did not have proper restraints fitted