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  • A person can be expected to act responsibly only if he has responsibility. Cited from U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses, by Various
  • It is the media's duty to responsibly report such material if it comes into their possession.
  • He learned to forgive, raised his family responsibly and finally achieved what he has made of himself today.
  • We all know that if you do not learn to manage money responsibly it will end up managing you.
  • You performed responsibly and professionally throughout, and I wish you great success on your next project.
  • The experiences provided should help the student to function responsibly in a changing world.
  • Their lawyers claimed at court that the hospital's owner did not act responsibly.
  • When his daughters matured, they managed his budget more responsibly than he ever had himself.
  • I am free and freely and responsibly making the future -- so far as I am concerned. Cited from First and Last Things, by H. G. Wells
  • She claimed that she had momentarily stopped driving responsibly to save her dog.
  • It is the role of the citizen to responsibly exercise his God-given right to self-government.
  • It just should have been done more responsibly.
  • Certified wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests - as defined by a particular standard.
  • We have to force these companies to operate safely and responsibly, and with all our best interests in mind.
  • A long-time volunteer with local community groups, she later stated her biggest concern was in giving away the money responsibly.
  • After three months everybody leaves capable and war-ready being able to use all of these weapons capably and responsibly.
  • It can be used by anyone who wishes to use it responsibly.
  • Christian fellowship is living with and for one another responsibly, that is, in love. Cited from Herein is Love, by Reuel L. Howe
  • He said that his administration would "take steps to meet the situation" if the media did not behave responsibly.
  • Younger children may not responsibly handle complex chores, but may still be able and want to help around the house.
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Meaning of responsibly

  • adverb In a responsible manner
    we must act responsibly