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  • He responds that he has no history because he has spent his life utterly alone.
  • She responds by saying that she will only state her business to Dream.
  • He instantly responds and says he will stay with her to look after his sister.
  • When he responds that he is, she finally breaks up with him for good.
  • The fire department is run by volunteers and responds to over three hundred calls each year.
  • The study also showed that parents, in any family, present the family identity and the child responds.
  • She tells him she may be pregnant, to which he responds that he does not care.
  • This way, the nine other prisoners will know their own hat color after the prisoner behind them responds.
  • The Royal Navy responds with hunting groups whose mission is to stop them.
  • It responds to calls for service in the south end of town.
  • It responds to the specific needs of Council, the public and the development industry.
  • He then asks who wrote about mountains, and the plant responds.
  • He responds by asking if she'd go out with him.
  • She responds by hitting him on the head a second time, killing him.
  • Helen responds that it is her duty to attempt to help the man.
  • The unknown person at the other end responds that the program is to be modified.
  • A single leader makes a musical statement, and then the chorus responds together.
  • He calls upon the Earth, and she responds that she feels life and joy.
  • If the object responds to the message, it has a method for that message.
  • For example, one person gives to another and the recipient responds by giving to another person other than the first person.
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Root form of responds is respond for the verb.

Meaning of responds

  • verb Respond favorably or as hoped
    The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy