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  • There is more than one school of thought for responder's second call.
  • It's quite rare for responder to hold more than half of them.
  • The responder suggested one needs to test two teeth that form at different times.
  • In either case, the responder can then place the final contract.
  • A special case exists when responder makes a two-over-one initial bid.
  • This has the effect of saving space when responder wants to force game and show support.
  • If responder has a five-card major, he begins with a transfer.
  • She has one grown son, a first responder in the state of Arizona.
  • In case of any disaster, the local population is the actual first responder.
  • A first responder might include the National Health Service or local authorities.
  • Since the preempter has a weak hand, responder will pass most of the time.
  • This allows for an easy exit at the two level, should responder not have many points.
  • She was an emergency responder for a little while then discovered that she was pregnant.
  • The first responder level of emergency medical training is also often required for police officers and search and rescue personnel.
  • Before an emergency responder can provide aid to a patient consent must be granted.
  • The other player, called the responder, decides whether or not to accept this offer.
  • At some rural stations they double up as Emergency Response units for co-responder roles.
  • After knowing the quality of opener's hand, responder can set the contract.
  • They are the primary criminal patrol and first responder agency in all matters criminal and civil.
  • The campus fire department is usually a first responder to all campus emergencies which require their assistance.
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