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  • Open-ended questions are those that allow respondents to answer in their own words.
  • Respondents can report either better, same or worse conditions than previous months.
  • Respondents in this study felt that food quality and variety in their area were poor at times.
  • Over one-quarter of the respondents took days off because of violence.
  • The respondents fell into two groups, one with much more reliable service than the other.
  • Respondents described their market very narrowly to give the appearance of high market share.
  • Only about a third of respondents felt this way a decade ago.
  • In addition, quite a number of respondents liked the railway idea due to it being forward thinking.
  • Origins in this table are self-reported and respondents were allowed to give more than one answer.
  • Respondents may also feel under social pressure not to give an unpopular answer.
  • Twenty-three percent of respondents, however, refused to say for whom they had voted.
  • The respondents were asked how important they considered certain activities and services carried out by parishes to be.
  • Respondents could identify themselves as having more than one national identity.
  • Respondents with high school education also became more opposed.
  • Such a device requires far less effort on the part of respondents.
  • This involves having two different versions of a question, with each version presented to half the respondents.
  • In the United States, foreign-born individuals have better self-reported health than American-born respondents.
  • He did request that respondents give such details as they could recall.
  • Business respondents also reportedly had a positive view of the theatre's effects.
  • However, he was number one among male respondents and among those over 30 years of age.
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Root form of respondents is respondent for the noun.

Meaning of respondents

  • noun The codefendant (especially in a divorce proceeding) who is accused of adultery with the corespondent
  • noun Someone who responds