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  • Info A respondent is a person who is called upon to issue a response to a communication made by another. more...
  • This data includes not only the selected respondent but also his/her members of family.
  • The official who is the respondent must prove his authority to do or not do something.
  • I brought these men to establish beyond doubt the identity of the co-respondent. Cited from The Tyranny of Weakness, by Charles Neville Buck
  • Finally, a series of tests given to the respondent child several times is used.
  • The self version is completed by the respondent on himself or herself.
  • The winning party from the lower court, however, is now the respondent.
  • Questions were asked and the correct respondent would place the number on the board.
  • Therefore it was not necessary for the committee to give the first respondent a hearing.
  • Officers must record the respondent's answer, not their own opinion.
  • If the respondent gives informed consent, the data can be put to some other use.
  • In addition, the respondent can answer the questions as they apply to a significant other.
  • They can make it clear to the respondent when they need more examples or explanations.
  • The respondent becomes committed to this proposition when he gives any direct answer.
  • He was later named as co-respondent in what became a high-profile divorce case.
  • In such cases the respondent usually indicated the side of the question which he would defend. Cited from Readings in the History of Education, by Arthur O. Norton
  • She is determined that no other woman shall be named as the -- er -- co-respondent. Cited from We Can't Have Everything, by Rupert Hughes
  • He made the Attorney General a respondent both on official as well as on personal level.
  • The first respondent was on leave at the time, but she subsequently failed, when her leave ended, to return to work.
  • The very name "co-respondent" condemned her in advance in the public mind. Cited from We Can't Have Everything, by Rupert Hughes
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Meaning of respondent

  • noun The codefendant (especially in a divorce proceeding) who is accused of adultery with the corespondent
  • noun Someone who responds