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  • The pope responded that the real power should have the royal title as well.
  • Again, seven fire companies responded to the fire that burned for nearly ten hours.
  • Labor responded quickly, saying he had already started work on a piece.
  • Business leaders came to seek his help, and he often responded with free advice.
  • She responded that the committee was formed by members from many different political parties including conservative parties.
  • When no one responded from within, they entered the house.
  • Anthony responded by speaking in every village in that county also before the trial began.
  • He responded writing how meaningful his life had been because of her.
  • She responded by throwing a glass of ice water in his face.
  • He then committed suicide after police officers responded to the scene of the mass shooting.
  • On the whole his men responded because he was willing to push himself as hard as them.
  • Huston responded that if he ever made a pro-war film, he should be shot.
  • She responded to his expectations and she cared for him until he died.
  • The policy of university education initiated in the 1960s responded to population pressure.
  • The state responded by suspending the county's right to an elected school board.
  • Charles's office responded that "no decision has been made".
  • Khrushchev responded that peace could indeed be served by such a meeting.
  • Critics responded positively to the film and it performed well at the box-office.
  • So many men responded that he chose only those with horses, and raised a body of mounted rifles.
  • Born responded by turning down the offer, as applied mathematics was not his preferred area of study.
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Root form of responded is respond for the verb.

Meaning of responded

  • verb Respond favorably or as hoped
    The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy