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  • However, the government itself is still immune from being sued through respondeat superior.
  • Common law distinguishes between civil and criminal forms of respondeat superior.
  • In certain cases, a person might be liable for their employee or child under the law of agency through the doctrine of respondeat superior.
  • The common-law tort doctrine of respondeat superior makes employers generally responsible for the torts of their employees.
  • Employer/employee relationships are the most common area wherein respondeat superior is applied, but the doctrine is also used in the agency relationship.
  • A common example of a solidary obligation created thorough operation of law is vicarious liability such as respondeat superior.
  • In a broader scope, respondeat superior is based upon the concept of vicarious liability.
  • Armory brought an action against Delamirie in trover (via respondeat superior for the actions of his apprentice).
  • Drexel was potentially liable under the doctrine of respondeat superior, which holds that companies are responsible for an employee's crimes.
  • Res gestae is also used in respondeat superior vicarious liability law.
  • Although the employer is liable under respondeat superior for the employee's conduct, the employee, too, remains jointly liable for the harm caused.
  • The doctrine of respondeat superior meant the principal is liable for his agent's negligence only when the agent is acting at the time of the accident in the "course of his employment".
  • After a six-month trial, BCCI, under immense pressure from US authorities, pleaded guilty in 1990, but only on the grounds of respondeat superior.
  • Toward the outside world, the acts of directors, officers and other employees will be binding on the corporation depending on the law of agency and principles of vicarious liability (or respondeat superior).
  • Vicarious liability: A form of strict secondary liability arising from respondeat superior.
  • He also pleaded not guilty, and relying upon the respondeat superior legal doctrine, also defended his actions by claiming that he was merely following orders of his Commanding General given in a speech to the officers in his Division.
  • The broader principle of vicarious liability (respondeat superior in the U.S.) is often invoked to establish corporate manslaughter.
  • Turberville v Stampe (1697) is an English tort law case concerning vicarious liability, also known as the respondeat superior doctrine.
  • The concept of vicarious liability was developed in the Second Circuit as an extension of the common law doctrine of agency -respondeat superior (the responsibility of the superior for the acts of their subordinate).
  • At issue in the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal following the Allied occupation of Nazi Germany after World War II was a question concerning principles closely related to respondeat superior, which came to be known by the term command responsibility.
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