respond well

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  • They do not respond well to being left alone for long periods of time.
  • He was placed in a mental health facility and responded well to treatment.
  • If training has been good, and if the child has responded well to it, he will go no further. Cited from The Nervous Child, by Hector Charles Cameron
  • Though individual areas within the aviation industry responded well, the industry as a whole failed.
  • "But we have a very patient staff and he seemed to respond well."
  • The players initially responded well to Berry, winning three of their first four games under him.
  • Many patients respond well to treatment, which usually provide significant relief of symptoms.
  • The Civil Defence teams had been called out and responded well.
  • Plans for the character to return in the second season were helped by the audience responding well to the character.
  • He responded well, catching six passes for sixty-two yards in his first three games.
  • All but one of these children responded well to conventional anti-leukemia treatment.
  • Blue responded well to the songs and they began to work together, quickly producing a full album's worth of material.
  • Other critics, however, did not respond well to the episode.
  • Those who have been treated with growth hormone have responded well to the treatment.
  • They generally respond well to training but require a firm owner to accomplish this.
  • Later reports indicated that she had responded well to treatment.
  • Critics generally responded well to the first performance.
  • His practice assumed that most offenders are not dangerous and will respond well to treatment.
  • However, their partners and the public did not respond well.
  • It is worth noting, however, that many leading critics did not respond well to this film.
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