respond effectively

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  • We were too young to really know how to respond effectively.
  • Despite this low alert status, many American military personnel responded effectively during the attack.
  • They listen actively in order to respond effectively to what others have contributed.
  • As such, the artillery could not respond effectively to developments in battle.
  • It did not control the state organisations, manage the response or own the resources required to respond effectively to a crisis.
  • There was also praise for the government's communication with the public and the report said it was satisfied that health services had responded effectively.
  • Alfred responded effectively and was able with little fighting to bring about their withdrawal in 877.
  • They want to take this collaboration to a new level, to enable them to respond effectively to new opportunities and responsibilities.
  • At first, the British Admiralty failed to respond effectively to the German offensive.
  • Davout's artillery was unable to respond effectively to the Russian fire, and panic broke out among his troops.
  • Tiempo is the name given to a programme of activities that provides developing countries with the information necessary to respond effectively to the issue of climate change.
  • The French launched an immediate attack, and it was sometime before the British could respond effectively, eventually driving the French off.
  • However, Firestone failed to respond effectively to radial technology due to their routinised system.
  • In practice there was not enough room for all these men to fight, and they were unable to respond effectively when the English longbowmen joined the hand-to-hand fighting.
  • Numerous cases have been reported to respond effectively to systemic corticosteroids.
  • Its mission statement is "To be a highly professional, well trained combat ready force that will respond effectively in support of our regular forces and the national community".
  • But the government responded effectively: it tightened bank regulation and capital requirements, and encouraged foreign banks to take over weaker local ones.
  • Though unprepared for a full-scale insurrection, with limited aircraft, under Mendis' command, the air force responded effectively.
  • The shamisen player must know the entire work perfectly in order to respond effectively to the interpretations of the text by the singer-narrator.
  • In the aftermath of the fire, the company was criticized for failing to respond effectively.
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