respond adequately

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  • Sometimes, protection fails because the host's immune system simply does not respond adequately or at all.
  • Local law enforcement agencies fail to respond adequately to these cases.
  • Specifically, egg products did not respond adequately to the thermostabilization process and were found unsuitable immediately after production.
  • When these cells fail to respond adequately to circulating insulin, blood glucose levels rise.
  • Even if such information reaches the prosecutor's office, this latter often does not respond adequately to the instances of violations committed by the administration.
  • On this basis we may see that the activities of life depend upon the ability of the parts of the body mechanism to respond adequately to adequate stimulation. Cited from Origin and Nature of Emotions, by George W. Crile
  • Second, bacteria can suppress the inflammatory response; without this response to infection phagocytes cannot respond adequately.
  • The Soviet planned economy was not structured to respond adequately to the demands of the complex modern economy it had helped to forge.
  • In these it is desirable that the transmitter shall be able to respond adequately to sounds occurring anywhere in a small-sized room, for instance. Cited from Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy Vol. 1, by Various
  • He said that the first duty of the international community was to uncover and confront the full truth about what happened, a hard truth for those who serve the United Nations, because great nations failed to respond adequately.
  • Although many patients benefit from SSRIs, it is estimated that approximately 50% of depressive individuals do not respond adequately to these agents.
  • This had the unfortunate affect of making an already politically difficult situation more difficult as Council and the Occupation failed repeatedly to respond adequately messages and requests.
  • The Allies failed to respond adequately to several warnings of Japanese activity off the east coast of Australia prior to the attack; they simply ignored the warnings or explained them away.
  • He had received widespread support from the Portuguese people, and Spain -- which had to deal with rebellions elsewhere, along with the war against France - was unable to respond adequately.
  • How could a freedman appeal a suit for wages, or respond adequately to an appeal, when he is starving for want of the very wages which are withheld from him? Cited from Report on the Condition of the South, Carl Schurz
  • The UN failed to respond adequately to Dallaire's urgent requests.
  • Fine tuners are not used with gut strings, which are more elastic than steel or synthetic-core strings and do not respond adequately to the very small movements of fine tuners.
  • At the same time, Xueyantuo also defeated four Eastern Tujue generals, and Ashina Duobi could not respond adequately.
  • Between 20% and 50% of high-risk cases do not respond adequately to induction high-dose chemotherapy and are progressive or refractory.
  • It may be useful for treating respiratory depression in patients who have taken excessive doses of drugs such as buprenorphine which may fail to respond adequately to treatment with naloxone.
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