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  • The noise was so resoundingly greater than he had expected that he laughed and the men with him. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • Long Island City High School provides a resoundingly high level educational experience to all students.
  • Brown was resoundingly defeated when he ran for re-election in the 1958 campaign.
  • The call for democracy came resoundingly from within and to the complete surprise of the outside world.
  • You walk out, resoundingly, to the kitchen and open the door. Cited from Adventures In Contentment, by David Grayson
  • The first two games were played in Boston, where the Celtics won both games resoundingly.
  • In the subsequent by-election, Martin resoundingly defeated Scott, who has not returned to politics.
  • Following the resoundingly successful example of his former teacher Clementi, he also became a successful music publisher in London.
  • The initial critical response to the show was resoundingly negative.
  • He was also resoundingly defeated when he tried to regain the riding in 1980.
  • Colonel Stanistreet put down the last of the papers and slapped his hand upon it resoundingly. Cited from The False Faces, by Vance, Louis Joseph
  • His proposal was resoundingly voted down in favor of a four-year term with the possibility of reelection.
  • Now that her sister's marriage was really to take place her consciousness that the American people would have been resoundingly told so was still more agreeable. Cited from The Reverberator, by Henry James
  • The others scarcely heard him as the manufacturer's son struck his fist in the palm of his hand resoundingly to demand attention. Cited from The Last Shot, by Frederick Palmer
  • A town meeting followed in which Roberts and Whelen's site resoundingly won the vote.
  • "She did it, Tom, old man!" and he clapped his chum resoundingly on the back. Cited from Tom Swift & his War Tank, by Victor Appleton
  • Spaceteam has been met with resoundingly critical success.
  • However, the Greek Cypriots resoundingly voted against the plan, by a margin of about three to one.
  • It had six performances but was resoundingly rejected by critics.
  • Even then, the rural weighting was strong enough that Labor won just barely enough seats for a majority, despite winning resoundingly in the two-party vote.
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How resoundingly gets used

Meaning of resoundingly

  • adverb In a resounding manner
    he then so resoundingly denounced his former friend