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  • Following the resounding success of that release a third volume was released the following year.
  • The next few years of their life was resounding on several levels.
  • No matter what one called it, the album was a resounding success.
  • He did not find it difficult landing his next role given the resounding success of his first film.
  • Despite her resounding success, it would be her last major competition.
  • He knew that New York would resound with his name on the following day. Cited from Sevenoaks, by J. G. Holland
  • Despite a modern sound and a well-known producer, the single was not a resounding success.
  • But it was too late, for a shot resounded at the same moment. Cited from Banzai!, by Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff
  • This came to be a resounding success with many soldiers taken out while still sleeping.
  • Suddenly a noise resounded from the open space in front of the great house. Cited from Uncle Titus and His Visit to the Country, by Johanna Spyri
  • "What does anything matter so long as we have a success, a big, resounding success?" Cited from The Way of Ambition, by Robert Hichens
  • The election turned out to be a resounding success for the party.
  • He said the exercise had been a resounding success and spoke highly of the entire operation.
  • It was a resounding success, leading to a second album in November that year.
  • The city resounded with a great cry, the like of which had never been heard. Cited from The Book of Delight, by Israel Abrahams
  • The waves are resounding on the shore; can you not speak through them? Cited from Northland Heroes, by Florence Holbrook
  • Today, the hotel is a highly modern facility resounding with tradition and culture.
  • Near the shore a thick wood presented itself, which resounded with the songs of birds. Cited from Bulfinch's Mythology, by Thomas Bulfinch
  • A few hours passed and another bell resounded upon our ears. Cited from Victor Roy, A Masonic poem, Harriet Annie Wilkins
  • It was a resounding success, and was followed six days later by a show of strength in the town hall.
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Meaning of resound

  • verb Ring or echo with sound
    the hall resounded with laughter