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  • Its modern development began in the late 19th century with appearance of first health resorts.
  • Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company.
  • The gardens in some cases were used as farm houses or summer resorts.
  • It continued to be one of the principal mountain resorts of the area.
  • Some residents use these resorts as a year-round home.
  • Some parts areas of the mountain, including areas near the resorts, still contain land mines.
  • It is also the largest city in a mountain resorts area.
  • Other access points between the two resorts exist as well.
  • Nearly all that remains of these resorts was destroyed in several fires.
  • There are also several hot spring resorts within the city limits.
  • Resorts and ferry services are stopped during this time due to the weather.
  • More than four forest resorts are still in operation.
  • Although beach resorts had long existed, they had been restricted to the upper class.
  • Numerous resorts in the area provide many additional units.
  • Since then the province concentrated its efforts on building beach resorts.
  • Closely related to these resorts are convention and large meeting sites.
  • The town features a group of high-end hotels, resorts and one main shopping center.
  • Tourism and resorts also became an important part of the area economy.
  • There are also several resorts with water access points.
  • The latter for many years was one of the most popular public resorts in the town, and all stages stopped there.
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Root form of resorts is resort for both verb and noun.

Meaning of resorts

  • noun A hotel located in a resort area