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  • The natural history of a region may thus be read without resorting to a book. Cited from A Hero and Some Other Folks, by William A. Quayle
  • It's hard enough to hold out without resorting to that game. Cited from Red Pepper Burns, by Grace S. Richmond
  • I had meant to try all other means of investigation before resorting to it. Cited from Men, Women, and Ghosts, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
  • It was the president's last effort to bring peace to the world without resorting to armed force. Cited from History of the American Negro in the Great World War, by Sweeney
  • If he felt later like resorting to a pipe he would. Cited from Mary Wollaston, by Henry Kitchell Webster
  • Resorting to the institution is typically determined by terms of the commercial contract between parties.
  • We then had some difficulty in getting down again, but we found out how, by again resorting to a tree. Cited from Peter Simple and The Three Cutters, Vol. 1, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • The world must have the truth, and I see no better means than by resorting to your agency. Cited from The Monikins, by J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The band plays in alternative rock style, but resorting frequently to experimental music elements.
  • He was then supposedly able to do so without resorting to force.
  • Even when they were surrounded many refused to surrender instead resorting to suicide.
  • Do you suppose I wouldn't have taken any kind of medicine before resorting to that! Cited from The Younger Set, by Robert W. Chambers
  • Those who possess the best possible resources will find additional advantage in resorting also to this mode of culture. Cited from The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers, by Sutton and Sons
  • And I too fought with them, resorting to the energy of visible weapons. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1
  • I hope, however, that we will be able to settle the matter without resorting to any shooting. Cited from Ted Strong in Montana, by Edward C. Taylor
  • He looked at me to see if again I was resorting to irony. Cited from The Patient Observer, by Simeon Strunsky
  • Carter states that he wants to prevent his players from resorting to crime.
  • This was a common facility to save men from "resorting to the public house".
  • Settlement may otherwise be reached by resorting to the Royal Court of Justice.
  • The situation gradually came under control without resorting to deadly force.
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Root form of resorting is resort for the verb.