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  • She tried legal means at first, and when that did not work, she resorted to crime.
  • By now he was so short of money that he resorted to professional wrestling.
  • When these materials ran out, he resorted to modern paper.
  • Finally, she resorted to a plain-language distress call to any ship or shore station.
  • He resorted to the method taught in class only as a last resort.
  • No firing was resorted to this time but all its members were arrested.
  • They have also resorted to hacking into state run television to broadcast their views.
  • Multiple redundancy across personal and team equipment is only resorted to when necessary.
  • After the war, they again resorted to public exhibitions, but were not very successful.
  • Still trying secret anti-government plots, they have resorted mainly to criminal activities.
  • Yet, this treaty did not come into effect, and the two houses again resorted to warfare.
  • During the siege, both sides resorted to setting entire districts of the city on fire.
  • As a result, many indigenous groups have resorted to creating their own small community educational institutions.
  • Near the end, he even resorted to murdering innocent police officers who got in his way.
  • He resorted to violence even when he was in prison.
  • Magic was still believed in and was resorted to by both sides.
  • The captain then resorted to sending orders down to main control via the voice tube from the bridge.
  • However, this time, as they could not find enough food, they resorted to cannibalism.
  • Once the money is gone the two then resorted to begging again.
  • Due to the events in some of the films it is entirely possible he resorted to drink and depression.
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Root form of resorted is resort for the verb.