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  • Info Resorte (Spanish for "spring device") is a Mexican nu metal band formed in 1995.
  • The label Manicomio shut down operations and Resorte was forced to find another recording label.
  • Resorte participated in festivals and multiple concerts for thousands of people.
  • After intermittent activity, Resorte released their new single "Re-conecta2" in September 2014, released through all major digital platforms.
  • Its release represented a new push for the band and it was then when Resorte got its first taste of real fame, receiving radio and television play and reaching the Top 10 on MTV.
  • The Lord Generall commanded all Captaines and officers of the fleete to resorte vnto him aboord his ship. Cited from Principal Navigations, V6, by Richard Hakluyt
  • The Prince accustomed sometimes to resorte alone into his doughter's chamber, and there for a whyle to tarie and talke with her, and so to departe. Cited from The Palace of Pleasure, Vol. I, by William Painter
  • Here is great aboundaunce of all kynd of merchandies, by reason of resorte in manner of all nations thyther, except jewes and christians, to whom it is not lawfull to come thyther. Cited from Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah 2, R Burton
  • Y dando a un resorte, aparecia la estampilla, nuevecita, flamante. Cited from Platero Y Yo, by Juan Ramon Jimenez
  • Calderon ocupaba, al final del almacen, un rincon separado del resto por un biombo de tabla pintada con una puertecita de resorte. Cited from La Espuma, by D. Armando Palacio Valdes
  • I see now most euidently, that you do make little accompte of mee, being your owne sister whom you neuer sawe before, and in her house: whereunto you ought to resorte when so euer you come to towne: and will you nowe forsake the same to suppe in an Inne? Cited from The Palace of Pleasure, Vol. I, by William Painter
  • Because that I welth hath great porte All the worlde, hyther doth resorte Therfore I welth, am this realmes comfort, And here I wyll indure. Cited from The Interlude of Wealth and Health, by Anonymous
  • But follow wee the company of men, the worlde hath his court among them: seeke we the Deserts, it hath there his dennes and places of resorte, and in the Desert it selfe tempteth Christ Iesus. Cited from A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; Antonius, by Garnier
  • After the Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) implemented the Resorte Law claiming that "democratic security" was in danger and imposed heavy fines on private media, the media responded by "softening their coverage of national and international news".
  • Conocia el resorte de los barberos, de las terceras, de los abates, siendo muy diestro en el uso de disfraces, enganos y supercherias amables, como entonces se llamaba a estas cosas. Cited from La Fontana de Oro, by Benito Perez Galdos
  • He had intended to hold in Southwark a solemn dirge and mass in memory of Henry VIII., and writes to complain that the players who flourished in the neighbourhood say that they will also have "a solemne playe to trye who shal have most resorte, they in game, or I in earnest." Cited from Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Winchester, by Sergeant
  • But till I haue giuen order to certaine of mine affaires, I praye you to kepe our mariage secrete, and bee not offended if many times I do resorte home to mine own house, although ther shall no day passe (by my wil) but at night I wil kepe you companie. Cited from The Palace of Pleasure, Vol. I, by William Painter
  • So John Lydgate in his Fall of Princes (1431-8) notes the belief that Arthur "shall resorte as lord and sovereyne Out of fayrye and regne in Breteyne" and Philip II of Spain apparently swore, at the time of his marriage to Mary Tudor in 1554, that he would resign the kingdom if Arthur should return.
  • And briefly to speake, if thou to courte resorte, If thou see one thing of pleasour or comfort, Thou shalt see many, before or thou depart, To thy displeasour and pensiveness of heart: So findeth thy sight there more of bitternes And of displeasour, than pleasour and gladnes. Cited from World's Best Literature, Ancient & Modern, Vol. 4, by C. D. Warner
  • And in every wyndowe iij pewes or carrells, where every one of the old Monks had his carrell, severall by himselfe, that, when they had dyned, they dyd resorte to that place of Cloister and there studyed upon there books, every one in his carrell, all the after nonne, unto evensong time. Cited from Old English Libraries, by Ernest A. Savage

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