resort hotels

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  • A development including homes and a resort hotel was planned for a portion of the land.
  • The corporation's main interest was developing a resort hotel and convention center.
  • Highway construction would also open the possibility of a resort hotel.
  • The original mill, abandoned for years, is now being converted into a prominent resort hotel.
  • He also owned an island and a resort hotel.
  • It claims to be the only resort hotel in the country.
  • He built a large resort hotel and, not far away, an extensive ranch complex.
  • His family owned a hot-spring resort hotel.
  • The station building now serves as resort hotel's own Christmas gift shop.
  • The Inn began as a railroad resort hotel, one of many in the area.
  • The market for conference and resort hotels is a subject for market analysis.
  • He built an iron forge, launched a resort hotel, and built various roads in the region.
  • It was the last remaining large-scale resort hotel in Alabama from the late 19th century.
  • Early trail-building was supported by various summit resort hotels popular in the 19th century.
  • Its use is still limited although resort hotels and theme parks now occupy the land.
  • He made the decision to extend his railroad to Miami and build a resort hotel.
  • The estate buildings and manor house are gradually being renovated to create a resort hotel complex.
  • Eventually three resort hotels provided state of the art winter tourism activities well into the 1930s and beyond.
  • The resort hotel would be constructed and financed without state funds.
  • Proposals have been made, but not acted on, to develop the castle into a resort hotel.
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