resort area

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  • As a result, the area quickly was built up as a resort area.
  • An access road to reach the resort area is planned through the ancient city.
  • There are two major hot spring resort areas within the town.
  • It is named for the large local lake, which for years has been a popular resort area.
  • Around that time the lake was a popular resort area.
  • Local government are trying to develop it as a resort area.
  • Except for the resort area near the dam, most of the property around the lake is private.
  • The area surrounding the lake has seen tremendous growth and is a prime resort area.
  • It was one of the few stations that could be received in the Russian River resort area.
  • In the late 19th and early 20th century the area saw new development as a summer resort area.
  • When its use as a port waned, the village became a resort area.
  • From this plant, potable water supply system has been created to all the resort areas.
  • Construction of big hotels in this cool summer area made it a summer resort area.
  • Long Branch still continues to be a popular resort area.
  • This is a popular resort area and for government employees a trip here is covered by their national health plan.
  • The highway also provides the main access to the resort area of Deep Creek Lake.
  • Resort areas near the coast experienced minor effects, though further inland the damage was more severe.
  • This area is generally considered a resort area.
  • The Thousand Islands resort area also continues through this region.
  • The lake has been developed as a resort area, with boating as a feature.
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