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  • Info A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and/or tourism. more...
  • In some countries, the military may be called in as a last resort.
  • It then changed hands several times both as a resort, country club and private residence.
  • It is named for the large local lake, which for years has been a popular resort area.
  • The shore of the lake is the location of many summer resort communities.
  • The natural history of a region may thus be read without resorting to a book. Cited from A Hero and Some Other Folks, by William A. Quayle
  • It had been in the resort's master plan for a while.
  • They moved the building to their resort to serve as a library and art gallery.
  • She built a resort that would appeal to these new visitors to the area.
  • Its modern development began in the late 19th century with appearance of first health resorts.
  • Green Island has been a popular tourist resort for more than a century.
  • The resort closed in the early 20th century and is now gone.
  • The town has long been a popular summer resort and artists' colony.
  • He was to use force only as a last resort.
  • The legend is played out during the summer on the resort's open-air stage.
  • The resort's other courses have also played host to important events.
  • The resort, which included a hotel, lake, and post office, eventually burned down.
  • The resort's three golf courses are all well known and very popular.
  • The recent addition of a newly built resort has helped to increase tourism numbers.
  • The resort is known for its family-oriented environment and the many activities available.
  • The island was once the site of a resort community.
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Meaning of resort

  • noun A hotel located in a resort area