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  • He served only two years, however, resigning after the death of his wife.
  • He continued in that office for two years before resigning to run for governor.
  • Resigning is a personal decision a person has to make on their own.
  • After resigning from the government she returned to her former job as school principal.
  • He held this position for one year, resigning shortly before the death of his father.
  • He served as premier for a month before resigning after no seat could be found.
  • As soon as the latter event occurred, he wrote the governor a letter resigning his command.
  • He remained a member for another three months before resigning his membership.
  • He did not complete his term as mayor, resigning for health reasons.
  • He served for about a year before resigning from the army after being denied a promotion.
  • Four of these never took office, resigning before reaching the territory.
  • He was the first president in its history who filled out his terms of office without resigning or being dismissed.
  • After resigning due to a court case against him, he stood again after the ruling was stayed.
  • When he returned, he told the council that she had quit and that he too was resigning.
  • Shortly after their major label debut, the band's bassist announced he was resigning.
  • A resignation speech is a speech made by a public figure upon resigning from office.
  • Howard remained with the Study for two years, before resigning in order to return to writing full-time.
  • He held this position for 34 years, resigning a few months before his death.
  • It was announced that he was resigning for a more interesting job.
  • He served less than a year before resigning.
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Root form of resigning is resign for the verb.

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Meaning of resigning

  • verb Accept as inevitable
    He resigned himself to his fate