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  • He resigned after only one year due to his wife's health problems.
  • Two members of the government resigned the day after the government lost the vote.
  • Two days later the factory administration resigned and was replaced with elected officials.
  • He resigned to make the election of a new pope possible.
  • He resigned from the office of justice of the peace and from his position with the regiment.
  • Eight presidents have died in office and one resigned from office mid-term.
  • At this time he also resigned from the Home Guard on medical grounds.
  • He resigned from the cabinet and the right lost the next legislative election.
  • Six council officers resigned in protest and the incident made national news.
  • Bob Graham almost served two terms, as he resigned with only three days left.
  • The two had a falling out, and Nation either resigned or was fired.
  • He resigned two years later to run for Congress.
  • Scott resigned as leader two days after the election.
  • He resigned his post at the observatory at the end of that year.
  • All remaining executive officers also resigned effective this date.
  • He resigned, to practice law, and founded the Bank of New York.
  • One governor (marked with *) resigned to take his seat in the Senate.
  • After an army service of two years, he resigned to manage his family's sugar interests.
  • Riley resigned as head coach following the season, but retained his position as team president.
  • He refused the order and resigned several days later after a heated exchange with the King.
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Root form of resigned is resign for the verb.

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Meaning of resigned

  • verb Accept as inevitable
    He resigned himself to his fate