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  • Major resignalling works would also need to be carried out.
  • Some or all of the resignalling work will be done during the electrification work.
  • Some or all of the resignalling work will be carried out alongside the electrification work.
  • The resignalling saw the end of one of the few remaining sections of single track main line controlled by tokens.
  • Resignalling was completed over the following week and bank holiday weekend.
  • The signal box survived for a further twenty years but following resignalling and electrification of the line this closed.
  • The junction was moved during the 1987 resignalling to a new position about closer to the station.
  • On the Arun valley route, resignalling is due to take place.
  • The complete resignalling of the line north of was done by 1959.
  • Platform 4 disappeared in the resignalling, as platforms were extended and has now been incorporated into the car park.
  • Work included extending the existing loop southwards, installation of higher speed points at each end, and resignalling.
  • The station finally closed in 1983 as part of the resignalling of the Brighton main line.
  • The works were tied in with the line resignalling.
  • Control will pass to the South Wales Control Centre for other parts of the south Wales network as resignalling progresses.
  • This resignalling saw terminating services extended to station, to serve the Dickens Heath community.
  • The new platforms and partial resignalling of the station throat make it possible to run 20 trains per hour in and out of the station.
  • The double track branch became single track in 1973 (as part of the WCML resignalling scheme) to save money.
  • The 1970s saw British Rail successfully introduce high speed diesel train services, as well as major resignalling projects designed to increase operational efficiency.
  • Prior to the 1970s resignalling it was used for occasional departures, although today this happens very rarely it is only for non-passenger trains.
  • Although this is a rather common architecture for resignalling projects, it can negate some of the cost savings of CBTC if applied to new lines.
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