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  • As well as the civil engineering works, the whole of the Trent Valley line has been resignalled.
  • The entire line was resignalled to the standard colour light system in 1988.
  • This will not happen until the line has been resignalled, as only then will the full benefits of this plan be realised.
  • At the same time, the four older tracks were resignalled for bi-directional operation.
  • These semaphore signals remained until the 1990s when the line was resignalled with colour-light signals.
  • There was a signal box at the south end of the station that closed and was demolished when the area was resignalled in the mid 1970s.
  • The south bay was later removed when the station was resignalled and the track layout altered to allow down expresses to serve the north side platform.
  • The station originally had two platforms but this was altered to a single wooden platform when the line was resignalled in the 1980s.
  • The signal box was built into the station building and remained in use until the line was resignalled in January 1990 when the station was destaffed.
  • The line was resignalled with colour light signaling replacing the older mechanical signalling which largely dated from the opening of the line.
  • The station was again partially rebuilt and resignalled, with three signal boxes, in 1875.
  • York Road station, Belfast was resignalled with colour light signalling.
  • The line was resignalled in 1999 and has since been controlled from Panel Signalling Box.
  • This was replaced by a siding connection when the mainline was resignalled.
  • In the mid-late 2000s the Dartford Area Resignalling Scheme saw the line resignalled.
  • The double track line east of Grimsby Town was reduced to single and the whole line was resignalled to colour lights operated from Pasture Street signal box.
  • The whole railway was resignalled by 2006 with track circuits replacing the treadle-operated signalling system.
  • Finally, Coleraine was resignalled with three-aspect colour light signals in 1938.
  • In 1988 the TransAdelaide lines were resignalled with the opening of the Adelaide control centre.
  • In the mid 1930s the line was resignalled with colour light signaling and this came into use on 30 January 1938.
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