resign in

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  • Six council officers resigned in protest and the incident made national news.
  • However, he still had many supporters, and the village council also resigned in sympathy.
  • One season later he resign in the middle of season.
  • He resigned in 2010 after not being able to reach a new contract deal.
  • However, no agreement could be reached and the reporters resigned in the end.
  • Jones pulled out his watch and said he would given them five minutes to resign in, or die. Cited from Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet, Sherman
  • His minority government was forced to resign in the fall of the same year.
  • A month later he resigned in order to receive his pension.
  • Some members of the movement resigned in protest, holding too much at stake.
  • Poor health forced him to resign in the following January.
  • He resigned in November and was elected president of the Legislative Council.
  • He resigned in order to run for Congress.
  • He resigned in 2000 due to health reasons and died soon after.
  • He remained in that position until he resigned in 1962 because of policy differences.
  • He held the office for almost two years and then resigned in November, 1877.
  • She held the position until she resigned in the middle of 1996.
  • He has been re-elected until he decided to resign in October 2013.
  • That same evening, Mironescu resigned in order for the king to name a new government.
  • He served in that role for one additional season and resigned in October 1979.
  • She resigned in June 2011 when she moved out of the district.
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