resign as Prime Minister

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  • He and his family remained in the village after he resigned as Prime Minister.
  • However, before action could be taken, Wilson resigned as prime minister.
  • According to the constitution, he resigned as prime minister.
  • After having resigned as Prime Minister of France, he left politics.
  • He had to resign as Prime Minister within nine months.
  • Vajpayee resigned as Prime Minister and promised co-operation to the new government.
  • He resigned as prime minister in December 2003, and left public life.
  • Rao subsequently resigned as prime minister and, in September, as party president.
  • He resigned as Prime Minister in 1994, just before the subsequent general election.
  • Lloyd George resigned as Prime Minister, never to return as a major figure in party politics.
  • After resigning as prime minister, he was promoted to major general and put in command of the 1st Division.
  • Thus divided, the government could not continue; MacDonald, however, did not resign as prime minister.
  • A few weeks later, Rudd resigned as prime minister shortly before a leadership ballot which he would have lost.
  • However Hatoyama resigned as Prime Minister before any such change was implemented.
  • Parliament was called shortly after the election, Coates lost a no confidence vote and resigned as Prime Minister.
  • The great Greek statesman who recently resigned as Prime Minister. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, May 1915, V. 2, No. 2
  • However, the matter wasn't pursued afterwards as he resigned as Prime Minister after nine months in charge due to other reasons.
  • Clemenceau resigned as Prime Minister as soon as the Presidential election was held and took no further part in politics.
  • Gordon Brown faced calls for him to resign as Prime Minister after Labour's defeat.
  • He resigned as Prime Minister to become Tajikistan's first ambassador to Russia.
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