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  • He resigned after only one year due to his wife's health problems.
  • Two members of the government resigned the day after the government lost the vote.
  • Two days later the factory administration resigned and was replaced with elected officials.
  • He served only two years, however, resigning after the death of his wife.
  • But he had to resign after a short period due to his bad health condition.
  • He continued in that office for two years before resigning to run for governor.
  • He resigns from his job and later tells the village about what he has done.
  • He resigned to make the election of a new pope possible.
  • Resigning is a personal decision a person has to make on their own.
  • After resigning from the government she returned to her former job as school principal.
  • He resigned from the office of justice of the peace and from his position with the regiment.
  • He held this position for one year, resigning shortly before the death of his father.
  • A governor general may also resign, and two have died in office.
  • Members of the army are not allowed to stand unless they resign from their military position.
  • Eight presidents have died in office and one resigned from office mid-term.
  • At this time he also resigned from the Home Guard on medical grounds.
  • In other circumstances, an elected official almost always resigns their first post when elected to another.
  • He held these positions until health conditions forced him to resign.
  • He resigned from the cabinet and the right lost the next legislative election.
  • Six council officers resigned in protest and the incident made national news.
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Meaning of resign

  • verb Accept as inevitable
    He resigned himself to his fate