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  • The residuary estate was left for the wife, daughter, and daughter's son to share equally.
  • She left the considerable residuary estate to her husband.
  • This is a good example of what is called a residuary impression. Cited from The Note-Books of Samuel Butler, Samuel Butler #14
  • She leaves her residuary estate (i.e., whatever else is left of the estate) to her daughter.
  • The residuary members were then distributed among the states having the highest fractions. Cited from The Life of George Washington, Vol. 4 (of 5), by John Marshall
  • When he died childless before her she inherited his residuary collection.
  • As this term was coming to an end, he was picked to head up the London Residuary Body.
  • The Residuary church is a small neat building of wood, painted white. Cited from Life in the Clearings vs. the Bush,Mrs. Moodie
  • Nannie will be the residuary legatee; she has some money from her father, too, though not very much. Cited from The Iron Woman, by Margaret Deland
  • The "residuary powers" are in this case left to the States. Cited from Against Home Rule (1912), by Various
  • Time-limited residuary bodies were created to dispose of the assets of the former authorities.
  • During the residuary course of the story, Jo and Tim become friends, too.
  • Similar residuary bodies were set up for the metropolitan counties.
  • The university also was his residuary legatee, and acted on his suggestion that the available funds should provide an assembly hall.
  • The duke made Lord Yarmouth his residuary legatee, and between him and his wife divided nearly half-a-million. Cited from The Wits and Beaux of Society, by Grace & Philip Wharton, Volume 2
  • There may, however, have been some who remained with the residuary Houses on lazier or more subtle principles. Cited from Life of John Milton Vol. 3 1643-1649, David Masson
  • He was appointed as residuary legatee and executor under the will of his father, whose death occurred before Richard's majority.
  • No such rule has governed residuary devises of real estate, which have always been held to be specific in England down to the present day. Cited from The Common Law, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  • Neither can, in relation to the other, be called primary, though one is definite and restricted, and the other general and residuary. Cited from American Eloquence, Volume I (of 4), by Various
  • To get the proper residuary resistance, it was necessary to recreate the wave train created by the ship in the model tests.
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How residuary gets used

Meaning of residuary

  • adjective Entitled to the residue of an estate (after payment of debts and specific gifts)
    the residuary part of the estate, the residuary beneficiary